Hleis (picture below): A young swordsman with slight magical skills. Currently on staff as a member of the defense force of West-Hail. Often gets lost in his thoughts about what’s out there in the massive empty skies around him.


Vayling: Hleis’ best friend and another member of the West-Hail defense force. Son of an esteemed hunter, Vayling is an exceptionally skilled tech-bow wielder and hunter himself. Has a bit of an ego, but is a good person at heart. 

Maltii: Classmate and squad-mate to Hleis and Vayling, she is a defense coordinator and shield operator. She has saved the lives of her allies and friends many times in battle and is well regarded despite being a little antisocial. 

Cruntiq: Captain Cruntiq is the head of the West-Hail defense force. He was once a war hero in his youth, but since he retired, he leads the local militia of his hometown of West-Hail.

Vendelio: The captain of the mage unit stationed in West-Hail. The leader of an elite unit of the kingdom’s magic users, he is no doubt a powerful wielder of spells himself.

Sota: The youngest member of the mage unit. A recent academy graduate. She is eager to join the war effort and fulfill her duties as a mage of her kingdom.